Why Am I Running:

When I look back at how my life has transformed into what it is today, I have been preparing for this moment all my life. I am not a politician, I am a citizen of my community that wanted to see effective change and I knew I could be this person. I believe in myself, the people of our community and the city of Jacksonville. I will move District 7 Forward and make people proud to call this home. I value everything Jacksonville has to offer. I have a real and true vision for our deprived areas that has been neglected year after year. What others see as a negative in all aspects, I see the beauty, growth and revitalization it can be and will become under my leadership. District 7 haven’t had the necessary material benefit over the last several years. Therefore, I know I am the best candidate to move us forward to become APART of Jacksonville and not just A-part of Jacksonville. We are Stronger Together.

I run for my family, my daughter was born and raised in Jacksonville. My husband is a military disable veteran who has served majority of his military time in Jacksonville. I was born in Tallahassee, but I will lay to rest here.

Jacksonville is my home and has been for well over 20 years. I understand the needs of our district, because I see it every day. You can’t understand what District 7 needs behind a desk, you must be out in the community.

I run for the Village, the village has been worn down and I will restore the Village to become strong again in our community. Everyone in this race will have different reasons and motives, but I will appreciate and protect this role and make it everything it should be. I and my family understand the commitment this role need and deserves. We are committed to District 7 and we Love Jacksonville!

I will work with JSO to ensure equality is at the forefront, I will work with JSO to bring our crime rate down, assist our homeless with easy access to resources, I will stand for senior rights and advocacy, I want to change the environment of our economics, I am for restoration of felony voting rights, I want to work on a reform step program for 2nd chance violent offenders. Reinforce our code enforcement, we need a vibrant downtown, I want to improve and add additional infrastructure, safe parks, and job creation in our district for the people of our district.

As your next city council, I would be able to have an effect and direct impact on our everyday lives. This seat will belong to all of District 7 and not just one. We could strengthen our community together and move us forward. Being your city council woman is a title, I want to be your voice and bring to our district the material benefits we are so deserving of. I want to earn your vote! I want you to be just as proud as I am to call District 7 HOME.

On my watch, I will fight tirelessly to improve our district day after day. I will not leave any one or area behind. This seat belongs to every Democrat, Republican, NPA, Independent, Green Tea Party, The none voters, etc. in our district. WE ARE ONE!

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